Limitless Photography

When I was a kid, no more than 6 or 7, my friend and I concocted a plan to buy a house next to Disneyland and dig a tunnel under the house that would lead us inside the park. We were visionaries. The plan, if successful, would have given us limitless opportunities for fun and adventure. We even gleaned the cotton field next to my parents house to put feet to our plans.

Now some would say we were unsuccessful, but I say only the target has been changed. It's still my goal to enjoy life without limits. But more than that now, I have the incredible joy of helping others enjoy limitless living. The secret is in the brain.

It all starts with the ability to create. People who freely create are limitless. I learned creativity through music. Singing and teaching are both creative acts that have been exciting and rewarding. Now, I also create behind the camera, and I help those on the other end find their creativity in front of the camera.

The trick for developing your creativity is in learning to tell your stories. I look forward to helping you find your limitless creativity!