Engagement Session Ideas

Congratulations! The question was popped, the answer was yes, and...

...now there's a wedding to plan, pictures to be taken, a honeymoon to be planned, etc.

These are epic times. So much happens in so little time. Oh, and engagement photos. Yes, those too. Where do you begin? How should you plan for the engagement photos?

We're here to help!

Engagement photos are important. They capture moments in your life you'll never want to forget. The time flies so quickly, and these are the moments of your life when you, the couple, are growing together to forge that unique and mystical bond together.

Because of the importance of this time in life, it's important not to just snap a few pictures, but to capture WHO you really are. Psychologists tell us that every seven years we completely change. You want to remember who you were individually and as a couple and what brought you so closely together.

It's my job to portray that as clearly and powerfully as you feel it.

So...answer these questions:

1. When you have the time and the money to burn, where do you and your fiancé go? What do you do? Our preferred activities define who we are as truly as any aspect of our lives.

2. When life becomes stressful how do the two of you work to maintain balance? How do you communicate? What is your escape?

3. The next time you catch yourself really letting go and laughing, ask yourself what starting it. Happiness is based in who we are, rather than what we have. What instigated the happiness?

Answering these three questions can help determine what you want your engagement photos to look like. After you've answered these questions, write down three descriptive words that capture the essence of your answers. It's ok to write them, come back to them later, reconsider, edit them, etc. You're allowed to change your mind on who you are.

Keeping these words in mind, then (AND ONLY THEN) check out a few of the links below. There are hundreds of pictures to put concrete ideas to the concept of who you are. Then create a Pinterest board with the pictures that most closely represent who you are and what your essential words are.